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Founded in Nafpaktos (Greece) in 1980.

The Monastic and Missionary Fraternity of Monks has been a pillar of the local and wider community, providing important charitable, Christian, and developmental work without discrimination.

The Monks are aided in their work by numerous volunteers, who provide support for the various activities organized by the monastic community in service to our fellow man, who is the image of our God and Creator. These activities are based on Christian love, like that of the early Christians and of the first coenobitic Christian monasteries. The Fraternity of the Transfiguration of the Savior of Nafpaktos is a non-profit, fully self-financed organization. Its foundation is every good citizen, who believes in the power of love taught by Jesus Christ and strength in unity for the achievement of the common good, without discrimination.


Spyridon Logothetis

Spyridon Logothetis


Archimandrite Spyridon Logothetis is the driving force behind and Founder of the Men’s Coenobium of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Nafpaktos, in Western Greece.

Without a doubt, father Spyridon’s crowning work is the planning, founding, construction, organization, operation, and direction of the Missionary Center – Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior of Nafpaktos, founded in 1977 at Skala, Nafpaktia municipality. He served as the first Great Evergete, Founder, Elder, and First Kathegumen of this important religious institution. Built on the traditional values of Orthodox Monasticism and Hellenism, its numerous Ecclesiastical, Monastic, Missionary, National, Charitable, Social, Scholarly, and other activities are a testament to its enduring, active role in the wider social and religious frame.

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Keeping Our Church Running Smoothly.

Conference Center

The cultural events and conferences, whether scientific, theological, medical, environmental etc. (either national or international) hosted at the conference facilities provide opportunities for the exchange of views and intercultural communication. The conference hall of the monastery is open to educational institutions from both Greece and abroad, offering them the opportunity to organize meetings and events in a tranquil, quiet environment far from the bustle of the city.

Summer Camps

The “Transfiguration of the Savior” children’s summer camps were established in 1993 by the Directorate of Welfare of the Prefecture of Aetolia-Acarnania, and operate every summer, overseen by the Directorate of Family and Child Affairs of the Region of Western Greece. Outdoor camping activities are organized every summer, for children and adolescents aged 9 to 16, aiming at participants’ moral and Christian education, and their familiarization with the Greek and Orthodox traditions.

Radio Station / Broadcast

The idea of a radio program which would cater to those of the faithful who were unable to participate in person in cultural, educational, and religious events was first formulated before 1980. After the adoption of the law on local radio broadcasting, the Fraternity was among the first in Greece to apply for and receive a permit and Certificate of Legal Operation from the Radio and Television Council, in March 1991, for broadcasting on FM radio, at 96 megacycles.

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Dr. Ertico Aniello,

Jafar Hossein Nezhad,
President of International Institute for Shia & global peace studies

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Work in Progress in our Monastery.

The difficult task of completing this Byzantine-style Church in a period of prolonged financial crisis was beyond the modest capabilities of the Monks. Crucial work remains to be done for the Church to be considered complete (tiling of the roof, thermal insulation, windows, doors, surrounding area, frescoes, liturgical equipment, etc.). Friends of the Monastery are kindly asked to donate what they can for the completion of the Church.

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AHEPA supports the process of restoration of our Monastery

The Supreme President of AHEPA visited the facilities of the Monastery and congratulated

for the very important work that the monastery offers to the community


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