The Fraternity

The Fraternity

Our Mission

The Men’s Monastic and Missionary Fraternity of the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior of Nafpaktos was established and functions according to the Orthodox monastic and ecclesiastic tradition, as passed down by the coenobitic monks of Mt. Athos. The most important objective of the Fraternity is the sanctification and religious ascesis of the members of the coenobium, as well as the providing of all forms of aid, spiritual and otherwise, to our fellow man.


Devotional life makes up a large part of everyday ascesis at the Coenobium, while pilgrims are free to participate in Public Devotional services, especially in the Sunday Liturgy and on feast days and festivals.


The Fraternity also provides support for families and children, with specialized events such as catechistic classes, speeches, publications, summer camps, etc., with the objective of contributing to youth Christian education and instruction in the time-honored traditions of Greek Orthodoxy.