Holy Monastery

Holy Monastery

Founded in Nafpaktos (Greece) in 1980, the Monastic and Missionary Fraternity of Monks has been a pillar of the local and wider community, providing important charitable, Christian, and developmental work without discrimination.

The Monks are aided in their work by numerous volunteers, who provide support for the various activities organized by the monastic community in service to our fellow man, who is the image of our God and Creator.

These activities are based on Christian love, like that of the early Christians and of the first coenobitic Christian monasteries.

The Fraternity of the Transfiguration of the Savior of Nafpaktos is a non-profit, fully self-financed organization. Its foundation is every good citizen, who believes in the power of love taught by Jesus Christ and strength in unity for the achievement of the common good, without discrimination.

The contacts of the Monks and researchers of the Fraternity with Universities and organizations both in Greece and abroad has contributed to Nafpaktos’ status as a center of dialog with other institutions and cultures. Technological advances offer better opportunities for communication, missionary work, and dialog with people genuinely interested in becoming acquainted with Hellenism and Orthodox Christianity, through a modern monastic community.

The Fraternity has established and operates a number of permanent activities and institutions, among them Summer Camps for children and youths, scholarly Conferences and the hosting of university students and researchers from abroad, a 24-hour radio station (96fm stereo), a Library, Soup Kitchens, support for needy families, and, of course, a Greek Orthodox Monastery (1977-2022).

A special aspect of the Fraternity concerns its environmental activities, for example the use of soft forms of energy, such as biomass and solar panel installations, for sustainable development, energy self-sufficiency, and pollution reduction.
One of the main objectives of the Missionary Fraternity is the protection of the Family unit and of Children. To this end, the Fraternity makes systematic efforts to maintain our cultural tradition through the Orthodox Faith, as well as through the educational process, primarily aimed at the youth.